Statewide Technical Assistance Networks

Statewide Technical Assistance Networks established by Texas Education Agency (TEA) address major, thematic topics that are identified as critical technical assistance and support needs for the state. A network is comprised of: 

  • The grantee who implements the network under TEA's leadership  

  • Network members (At least 1 from each of the 20 Education Service Centers (ESCs) across the state)

  • TEA special education program staff  

Many networks also utilize stakeholder or advisory groups in the design and implementation of network activities. Technical assistance, resources, and training from these networks are available to any local education agency (LEA) in the state and are intended to leverage best practices.   

As part of the April 2018 special education strategic plan, TEA incorporated stakeholder feedback, data, and interviews to reimagine the network structure. As a result, the current networks launched July 1, 2019.