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Parent's Guide to the ARD Process


ARD Guide - English
ARD Guide - Spanish

ARD Guide - Arabic
ARD Guide - Burmese
ARD Guide - Chinese
ARD Guide - Farsi
ARD Guide - French
ARD Guide - German
ARD Guide - Gujarti
ARD Guide - Hindi

ARD Guide - Japanese
ARD Guide - Korean

ARD Guide - Laotian
ARD Guide - Nepali

ARD Guide - Portuguese
ARD Guide - Russian

ARD Guide - Somali
ARD Guide - Tagalog
ARD Guide - Urdu
ARD Guide - Vietnamese






At SpedTex, we are committed to serving all of our customers per our Accessibility statement located on our website. *Due to the limited resources available to support translated documents, only the English and Spanish versions of our Procedural Safeguards currently meet website accessibility guidelines. If the format of any material on our website interferes with your ability to access the information, please email Spedtex at or call 1-855-773-3839.