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SPED TEX Special Education Information Center

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Statewide Leadership Networks


Network 1:  Child Find, Evaluation and ARD Supports

Education Service Center 4


Network 2:  School, Family, and Community Engagement

Education Service Center 10, SPEDTex and Partners Resource Network


Network 3: Inclusive Practices for Improved Student Outcomes

Education Service Center 20


Network 4: Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training

Education Service Center 13


Network 5:  Intervention Best Practices

Meadows Center University of Texas at Austin


Network 6: Texas Complex Access Network (Texas CAN)

Education Service Center 3


Network 7:  Texas Sensory Support Network

Education Service Center 11


Network 8:  Supports for Students Served in Small and Rural LEAs

Education Service Center 15


Network 9: Student-Centered Transitions

Sam Houston State University


Network 10:  Supports for Students with Multiple Exceptionalities and Multiple Needs

Education Service Center 1



Online Resources

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Statewide Leadership Networks Frequently Asked Questions


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PowerPoint Redes de Liderazgo del Estado

Mejorar la educación especial en Texas

Documento de preguntas y respuestas Redes de Liderazgo del Estado 



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