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Secondary Transition in Texas


Information Briefs

Summary of Performance (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Tech Tools for College Readiness (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Transition & Employment Services Designee (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Texas Transition and Employment Guide (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Job Exploration Counseling (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Counseling on Postsecondary Education (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Self-Advocacy Instruction (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Work-based Learning Experiences (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Workplace Readiness Training (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Military Readiness (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Personal Competencies for College and Career Success: What College Can Do   

Possibilities:  A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities 

Video Modeling Implementation Guide for Educators (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

Supporting Early Childhood Transitions Quick Reference Guide (Student-Centered Transitions Network)

A Guide to Early Transitions in Texas (Student-Centered Transitions Network)


Online Resources

Texas Transition Student-Centered Transitions

Postsecondary Education: Preparation Is a Necessary Ingredient for Success

Questions to Ask Colleges About Assistive Technology Resources

School Counselors:  Facilitating Transitions for Students with Disabilities from High School to Post-School Settings - Training Module - The Iris Center

Self Determination

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education:  Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Transition to Preschool




Video Gallery