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Parent Involvement

These resources are provided to assist schools in their efforts towards fostering parent involvement and family engagement.


Straight Talk Series (Texas Complex Access Network)

Caregivers of children with disabilities often receive grim outlooks for their child’s future. This straight from the heart series was created to provide a positive, empowering forum for families to share what they have learned on their journey. The messages focus on possibility rather than disability and encourage high expectations for all children.


Working Together Series

The Working Together Series includes five interactive self-directed courses. These courses provide families and educators with a number of strategies for working together and through conflict. Anyone supporting children or youth with disabilities may benefit from this series, however, the setting in which collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution takes place within this series is typically the school or IEP meeting.


Resolving Issues with Your Child's School

The Power of Our Words

Invisible Engagement: Building the Efficacy of Every Family

Engaging in Productive Parent Partnerships

7 Communication Tips for Building Strong Partnerships

Special Advocacy Resources for Parents